The VHS General Surgery residency will provide residents the opportunity to train in one of the most unique environments in the country. This program affords the benefits of training with community surgeons combined with the rigors and cutting-edge quality care of academic medicine. The program takes four categorical residents per year and eight preliminary residents per year.

  • Residents will have a full operative experience from the first day of training. By partnering with the numerous private surgeons throughout Las Vegas, residents will get first-hand experience caring for patients in all environments and learning what it’s like to work as a surgeon in Nevada. Most importantly, as VHS hospitals do over 50,000 surgical cases per year, residents will have ample opportunity to develop excellent surgical skills.
  • Residents will complete some of the most rigorous academic training in the country. VHS surgical residents will have full access to the Surgical Council of Resident Education (SCORE) curriculum. The material is completely online and, over a two-year cycle, will fully prepare residents for the American Board of Surgery (ABS) Certification Exam.
  • Residents will complete a full simulation curriculum throughout their training. At the completion of residency, residents will be certified in the Fundamentals of Laparoscopic Surgery (FLS) and Fundamentals of Endoscopic Surgery (FES), as well as trained in ultrasound and robotic surgery.
  • Residents will complete work-life balance and mindfulness training, as well as have exposure to executive leadership and faculty development courses to help with their career advancement.
  • VHS surgical residency uses New Innovations app-based and 360 degree evaluations. This will allow residents to evaluate all other providers caring for their patients. Also, residents will be given feedback by anybody they come in contact with. Getting feedback from patients and families provides learners a unique opportunity to be on the other side of their care.
  • Residents will have the option to pursue research throughout their training. While dedicated research time is not mandatory, residents who choose to spend time in the lab will have the opportunity to pursue research in basic science, translational research, outcomes research, global surgery, and healthcare finance and advocacy.
  • Residents will use a video-based surgical skills training platform. In a unique partnership with Johnson & Johnson, Valley Health System residents will record their teaching cases and the videos will be reviewed by experts throughout the country. This allows for feedback, not only from local faculty, but world experts who may provide insights into technique that the resident would otherwise not be able to learn. This program is unique to VHS and will allow the residents to develop a library of cases for future reference as well as provide an opportunity to develop mentorship outside of the standard training models.

Graduates will have the technical skills to provide excellent patient care from day one. Whether you choose to enter private practice, academic surgery, or fellowship, you will be well prepared for your future in surgery.