Sharon Martin Testimonial
Sharon Martin Testimonial

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The Valley Health System has expanded into an integrated health network that serves more than two million people in Southern Nevada. Starting with Valley Hospital Medical Center in 1979, the Valley Health System has grown to include Desert Springs Hospital Medical Center, Centennial Hills Hospital Medical Center, Spring Valley Hospital Medical Center, Summerlin Hospital Medical Center and our newest addition Henderson Hospital.

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Henderson Hospital Nurse Named Inaugural Action Healthcare Hero by Nevada Business Magazine

Henderson Hospital Nurse Named Inaugural Action Healthcare Hero by Nevada Business Magazine

Gina Marsh, RN, performs successful roadside rescue on toddler.

I'm Living Proof ... Bob Cannata

Bob Cannata keeps himself in good physical shape and never thought he would have a heart problem. At age 54, however, he noticed something might be...

I'm Living Proof ... Rachel Moena

Rachel Moenoa, 33, had her first heart valve replacement when she was just 9 years old. She had a second surgery in her teens and went on to live an...

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