Wellness – Resident Well-Being

Traditional surgical education has often prioritized clinical work above all else. With increasingly high burnout rates among physicians, it is important that residents are taught how to balance work and life early in their training so they can enjoy a long and successful career. To that end, a Wellness Committee consisting of peer-selected residents is elected from each class annually.

The purpose of the Wellness Committee is to:

  • Provide opportunities to participate in extra-curricular and professional team bonding activities to foster a sense of community among the residents
  • Provide information and resources to improve overall well-being during residency, including a safe space to discuss personal wellness, promoting personal and overall wellness, and protected wellness time
  • Reduce resident burnout
  • Increase resilience
  • Improve resident emotional intelligence
  • Foster autonomy and resident growth

Faculty and staff are trained on how to recognize signs of burnout and fatigue, and residents are given confidential means to voice any concerns or issues they may have. Physical and mental health services are provided and are part of the health benefits available to residents. ACGME rules for work hours and time off are logged and closely followed to ensure resident well-being and safety.