Salaries for Academic Year 2022-2023

Salaries are paid every two weeks (26 pay periods per year). There is no state income tax withheld in Nevada, increasing the take-home pay.  

  • PGY-1 - $53,134
  • PGY-2 - $55,105
  • PGY-3 - $57,167
  • PGY-4 - $59,412
  • PGY-5 - $61,823

GME Benefits

The Valley Health System offers a comprehensive benefits package for residents, including medical, dental, vision and other benefits. Coverages are also offered for family members at an additional cost.

Educational Support

Educational Leave

Paid leave for the USMLE/COMLEX III examination with prior approval by the Program Director.


USMLE/COMLEX III fees are covered one time. A USMLE/COMLEX failure requiring a retake shall be the financial responsibility of the house staff. Osteopathic residents who wish to take both the USMLE III and COMLEX III will only be reimbursed for the more costly exam. Fees associated with rescheduling or cancellations are the responsibility of the Resident.

Educational Stipend

The educational stipend is not to exceed $750 for PGY-2. For PGY-3 and above, the stipend will not exceed $1,000 per year. Stipend is to be used for program-relevant educational materials such as textbooks, or board review courses or materials. The GME office has authority to approve or decline reimbursement of expenses. Interns do not receive the stipend. They will, however, receive USMLE III/COMLEX III reimbursement.

Conference Stipend

This clause is specific to house staff in the residency programs that require conference attendance. A one-time conference stipend of up to $1,000 during the residency program will be paid. Conference attendance will be defined and approved at the discretion of the Program Director.


House staff will receive the following benefits, subject to the same conditions applicable to hospital exempt employees and the terms and conditions of the hospital’s current benefit plans and policies. Unless otherwise specified, all benefits will be effective on the 31st day of employment. The benefits listed below may be unilaterally modified by the System at the discretion of the System Administration.

Health Insurance

The System will provide comprehensive health insurance to the house staff and their family through the UHS Flexible Benefits Program applicable to hospital employees (including choice of a PPO or HMO plan). Coverage shall begin on the 31st day of employment.

Dental Insurance

The System offers a dental plan, including some orthodontic coverage, for a reasonable premium price.

Vision Insurance

The System offers coverage which includes annual vision examination, glasses and contacts for reasonable premium, co-payments, and deductibles.

Short-Term Disability Insurance

Short-term disability is offered at house staff cost with a seven-day elimination period. Two options are currently available: 12-week plan that covers the 90-day period of disability and 25-week plan that covers the 180-day period of disability.

Long-Term Disability Insurance

House staff are eligible for Long-Term Disability when they become seriously ill or otherwise disabled (Non-occupational). House staff may choose between a 90 day and a 180 day waiting period for benefit payments, with premium costs dependent on the selection.

Life Insurance

The System will provide coverage in the amount of 1x annual salary at no cost. House staff may opt for additional amounts up to 7x annual salary with a maximum of $500,000. Dependent life insurance is also available at group rates.

Workers' Compensation

The System will provide Workers' Compensation Insurance to house staff at no cost, beginning the first day of employment.

Paid Leave

House staff are allowed 20 paid time off (PTO) days total per year at 100 percent paid stipend. PTO is defined as time off for vacation, holidays, illness, and personal and professional days. PTO is not cumulative from year to year and requires the Program Director’s and/or DIO’s approval before use. 

Unused PTO will not be paid out at the end of the academic year. When it is anticipated that an extended leave is necessary for medical/personal reasons, house staff may use remaining PTO time and the Extended Leave Bank (ELB) upon the Program Director’s and/or the DIO’s approval. House staff will accrue ELB consistent with hospital policies and plans. No more than 20 business days per contract year of leave may be granted for any purpose without extending the program.

Unpaid Leave

Other medical or personal unpaid leave may be granted with the approval of the Program Director and DIO, consistent with the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education’s regulations, as applicable, only after the house staff has exhausted all of his or her PTO benefits. Makeup time and/or repeat of training will be determined by the Program Director, DIO and approved by GME Administration.

Professional Liability Insurance

The System agrees to provide professional liability insurance coverage for the house staff for the duration of his/her training. Such coverage will provide legal defense and protection against awards from claims reported or filed during or after the completion of the Program, if, and only if, the alleged acts or omissions of the house staff are within the scope of the Program. The coverage provided will be consistent with the System’s professional liability coverage provided to other residents. An extended reporting period, i.e., tail coverage, will be provided by Hospital as needed.


Meals will be provided while on duty at a Health System Hospital. The Health System Hospital reserves the right to specify dollar limits.

Lab Coats/Scrubs

Two personalized lab coats will be provided. Scrubs are also provided by the System for those rotations where scrubs are needed.

Licensing, Registration, Professional Fees

The following are covered: Fees for Nevada special training medical licensing and associations as applicable for training.

UHS Stock Purchase Plan

House staff are eligible to purchase Universal Health Services stock at a 10% discount of the current market price through payroll deductions from the 31st day of employment pursuant to VHS and UHS policies as amended.


House staff are eligible to participate in a 401K tax deferred investment plan for retirement from the 31st day of employment pursuant to VHS and UHS policies as amended.

Flexible Spending Account

House staff are eligible to contribute to a pre-tax Health Care (or Day Care) flexible spending account after 30 days of employment pursuant to VHS and UHS policies as amended.

Hospital Discount

Medical expense discounts will be given for both inpatient and outpatient medical services at Valley Health System Hospitals as defined by System policies and as amended.