Valley Health System Internal Medicine Residency Program in Las Vegas

Hossein Akhondi Asi, MD

A message from Hossein Akhondi Asl, MD
Program Director, Internal Medicine
The Valley Health System GME Consortium

Thank you for visiting the Internal Medicine Residency Program at The Valley Health System in Las Vegas, Nevada.

We are extremely excited about our program and believe that the three hospitals that are the training sites for our residents will provide them with an abundance of patient care experiences and a wide breadth of pathology that will prepare them to become outstanding internists. Spring Valley Hospital Medical Center, Centennial Hills Hospital Medical Center and Summerlin Hospital Medical Center have 1,188 beds in total and offer a comprehensive array of medical diagnostic and therapeutic options for the people of Southern Nevada. Renowned generalists and specialists are readily available and do what they do best in treating the ailments affecting the patients. They look forward to sharing their wisdom, knowledge and experience with enthusiastic medical students and graduates looking forward to starting their residency training and medical careers.

We pride ourselves on training very quality internists for the community. Residents and faculty will be held to high standards. Punctuality, discipline, professionalism, timeliness and exceptional medical care are anticipated from everyone in the program, including residents, attendings, students and staff. Clinical training will be the core of education, achieved with daily rounds, lectures, conferences and discussions. Proper clinical training always focuses on taking the history and physical examination while choosing appropriate tests to confirm your clinical suspicion. A general internist should be able to manage anything they encounter independently and recognize the times they need to enlist additional expertise. No single day shall go by that you do not learn something new.

Scholarly activity is a passion of mine, and all our residents are expected to participate in some form of such activity. Gaining knowledge is important, but it is also important to use that knowledge to create, innovate, build and enhance medicine for all patients. That should be a goal of any physician. Authoring articles for peer-reviewed journals, developing and implementing quality improvement projects, and working on clinical innovations are some ways residents will engage in scholarly activity.

Las Vegas has been experiencing a spectacular prolonged period of growth, with the population increasing daily. People from all around the world move here to enjoy a vibrant community with wide highways, fresh infrastructure, high quality of life, affordable prices, world-class entertainment and amenities and unrivaled culinary experiences that are incredibly available the city over. Las Vegas is now home to professional sporting teams and has always been the place for world-class events, concerts, festivals and competitions. Living in Vegas is a singular experience that should be felt firsthand. Apart from the glitz and glamor of the Las Vegas Strip with its more than 40 million visitors yearly, a tremendous community surrounds the tourist areas, home to a diverse group of inhabitants and a true melting pot.

We sincerely hope you consider us for your training if you desire to become an excellent internist providing progressive, efficient and quality patient care to a diverse population.

Associate Program Directors

William Shoemaker

William Shoemaker, MD
Associate Program Director, Internal Medicine

Esther LuPerte

Esther LuPerte, MD
Associate Program Director, Internal Medicine

Jennifer Raroque

Jennifer Raroque, MD
Associate Program Director, Internal Medicine


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During the three years of residency training, our residents will become highly skilled at all facets of evaluating and managing all types of conditions.

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We offer competitive salaries and a comprehensive benefits package including medical, dental, vision and other benefits.

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