Valley Health System Transitional Year Residency Program in Las Vegas

Lonnie Empey, MD

A message from Lonnie R. Empey, DO, FACP
Program Director, Transitional Year
The Valley Health System GME Consortium

The Transitional Year program is designed to meet the educational needs of medical school graduates in various situations. It provides a fundamental clinical education for individuals pursuing specialty programs that require a prerequisite year. The program also offers a broad-based curriculum to assist residents in making informed career choices or specialty selection decisions. Furthermore, it caters to those planning to serve in public health organizations or the military as general medical officers or primary flight/undersea medicine physicians, equipping them with the necessary skills for their roles. Additionally, the program supports individuals interested in administrative medicine or non-clinical research by providing a foundational clinical education.

The Transitional Year program addresses the concern of unmatched medical school graduates, particularly in Nevada. It aims to provide an opportunity for Valley Health System GME Consortium medical students to continue their training and pursue their passion for serving patients and families. The program is committed to selecting students who demonstrate professionalism and a strong commitment to their identity as physicians. It emphasizes the responsibility of diagnosing and treating patients while ensuring appropriate referral and consultation.

With its comprehensive and well-balanced clinical curriculum, the Transitional Year program offers specific educational experiences tailored to the diverse roles residents may have in the medical field. By upholding its goals and philosophy, the program creates an enriching learning environment that supports residents' growth and prepares them for their desired career paths.

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Residents have the opportunity to rotate through a variety of clinical settings including inpatient wards, intensive care units and outpatient clinics.

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We offer competitive salaries and a comprehensive benefits package including medical, dental, vision and other benefits.

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