The Valley Health System Internal Medicine Residency curriculum will prepare residents to work within the complex team environment of a busy department. During the three years of residency training, our residents will become highly skilled at all facets of evaluating and managing all types of emergent conditions.

Rotations for Internal Medicine residents will primarily take place at four sites including:

Our network of hospitals will enable our residents to train in an integrated system of care with a broad scope of specialties and experiences. Each site within our system provides unique patient presentations and pathology that will give our residents broad exposure to acutely ill patients.

Our organized didactic curriculum covers the core content for internal medicine within a three-year period. Didactic sessions are held Monday through Friday from 12:30 pm to 1:30 pm. The first two months of each academic year are dedicated to emergency topics. After that, each month is devoted to a specific topic, like Pulmonology, Cardiology and GI. Monday through Thursday has an interactive lecture format and is conducted by faculty members. Friday didactics are conducted by residents. The first Friday of the month is the morbid mortality conference; second Friday is journal club; third Friday is grand round; fourth Friday consists of presentations by residents.

All residents must complete at least one scholarly work project and quality and safety projects.

Sample Rotation Schedule

Year 1

10 weeks
4 weeks
4 weeks
4 weeks
Night Float
24 weeks
4 weeks
2 weeks