Valley Health System Graduate Medical Education Consortium to Welcome 30 New Residents in June

Friday, April 24, 2020

The Valley Health System Graduate Medical Education Consortium (VHSGME) filled every residency opening for its new emergency medicine residency and current family medicine and general surgery programs during the National Resident Matching Program’s Match Week. The new residents’ first official day of practice will be July 1.

“What an incredible year for the Match,” said Andrew Eisen, MD, Chief Academic Officer of VHSGME. “Our incoming residents interviewed from November through January, finishing up before COVID-19 became a household name. Their final months of medical school were completely disrupted, but they have adapted to distance learning and are excited to put their skills and knowledge to use when our community — and our country — need it most.

“All our residents are learning to care for COVID-19 patients, developing skills that will apply to a wide range of patients in the future. They are learning that the practice of medicine can change quickly with new symptoms, new education, new diagnoses, new treatment options and an incredible teamwork mentality. I think the COVID-19 pandemic will change the landscape of their graduate medical education experience."

The incoming group of residents includes 10 family medicine residents for a three-year program, four general surgery residents for a five-year program, eight surgery residents for the one-year preliminary training program and eight residents for the new three-year emergency program.

The Valley Health System (VHS) plans to offer future residency programs in internal medicine, obstetrics and gynecology, and psychiatry.

Valley Hospital, which is part of VHS, has offered graduate medical education programs since 2006. Current residencies include family medicine, internal medicine, neurology and orthopedic surgery, along with fellowships in gastroenterology and pulmonary and critical care.