Women's Services and Treatments

Women’s health services at The Valley Health System is devoted to providing care that women need at every stage of their lives. This includes advanced maternity and obstetrical and gynecological services, digital mammography and advanced diagnostic testing.

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If you need a referral to a physician at The Valley Health System, call our free physician referral service at 702-388-4888 or search for a doctor online.

Gynecologic Oncology

Gynecologic oncologists focus on diagnosing and treating cancers that are found in the female reproductive organs, including the ovaries, uterus, cervix, vagina and vulva. These specialists can coordinate your care, from the initial diagnosis and treatment to any additional care needed.

Minimally Invasive Cancer Surgery

The Valley Health System offers many minimally invasive surgical options for treating cancer. This type of surgery may lead to a faster recovery and less scarring compared to traditional surgery.

Cytoreductive Surgery

Cytoreductive surgery, or surgical debulking, is the process of surgically removing as much of a tumor as possible. Chemotherapy and/or radiation may be used after cytoreductive surgery to remove any remaining cancer cells.

Urogynecology and Pelvic Floor Disorders

Urogynecology is a specialty that focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of pelvic floor disorders, such as incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse. The pelvic floor includes various muscles, nerves, ligaments and tissues that support the bladder, rectum uterus and vagina. Pelvic organ prolapse occurs when the uterus, bladder or rectum lose elasticity and descend or bulge into the vagina.

Colorectal Surgery

Colorectal surgeons focus on diseases of the colon, rectum and anus. They can provide surgical treatment for a wide range of diseases and conditions, including cancer, diverticulitis, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, hemorrhoids and more. Many procedures can be done using minimally invasive techniques.

Maternity Care

The Valley Health System also offers maternity services across many of its hospitals. We are here to take care of you during your pregnancy and after, with education classes and more designed to help you make the most out of being a mom.

Centennial Hills Hospital

The Women's Center's maternity service features:

  • Ten labor, delivery and recovery rooms
  • A 25-bed postpartum unit and newborn nursery
  • Cesarean surgical suites located on the unit
  • Lactation consultants onsite

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Henderson Hospital 

The Women's and Children's Services department features the Birthplace, which has:

  • Labor, delivery and recovery suites
  • A postpartum unit and newborn nursery
  • Cesarean surgical suites located on the unit
  • Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)

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Summerlin Hospital

The Birthplace at Summerlin Hospital Medical Center offers advanced services for moms and babies in a comfortable environment for families to share those first special moments:

  • Private suites
  • Specially-trained staff
  • In-house OB/GYN is present at the hospital 24 hours a day
  • Level III Nursery/Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)

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Spring Valley Hospital

Expectant moms can bypass the emergency room during labor and enter The Birthplace directly — day or night — to get the care they need.

  • Separate entrance for labor and delivery services
  • Individual treatment, monitoring or recovery plan
  • Both a Level II and Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)

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