Valley Health System Senior Advantage Summer 2019

Senior Advantage Magazine Summer 2019 - June

Senior Advantage Magazine provides health information, safety tips and other information that can help enhance the health and well being of adults age 65 and older. The print version of Senior Advantage is mailed twice a year to members of Valley Health System's Senior Advantage programs.

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In This Issue:
What are your legs telling you?
Summer 2019 - June

What are your legs telling you?

If you’re among the many older adults with leg swelling and pain, these symptoms could signal an underlying health issue.
Wolfgang Leithardt - from hospital to home health care
Summer 2019 - June

From hospital care to home health care ... We've got you covered

Seventy-one-year-old Wolfgang Leithardt had quadruple bypass surgery six years ago and needs skilled medical support, but he wants to keep living at home and maintain his independence. His solution? At-home therapy and nursing services through Valley Health Home Care.
Woman chopping vegetables in a kitchen
Summer 2019 - June

How do we age in a healthy way?

Aging adults may experience a higher risk of chronic disease, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Time and time again, inflammation has shown to be one of the primary reasons behind pain and disease.
Updates to Senior Advantage Membership
Summer 2019 - June

Updates to Your Membership

You will notice that the Senior Advantage events calendar looks a little different, since we’ve made a few changes in an effort to keep the program fresh and innovative.