Oh, baby!

March 06, 2019
Brooks Fisher Family

What to expect at our family of advanced maternity centers

The arrival of a new baby is an exciting time, and one that may be filled with many questions. What should I expect during childbirth? What should I know about breastfeeding? Which hospital can best address the needs of my baby and me? Will my doctor be there for my delivery?

39+ Weeks Quality Improvement Program

The Birthplaces at Centennial Hills, Henderson, Spring Valley and Summerlin hospitals have each received the March of Dimes award for their work to eliminate elective deliveries before infants’ 39 weeks gestational age. “Sometimes there is a medical reason to induce labor before 39 weeks,” explained Dr. McBride. “Otherwise, babies born before then might have health problems or need to remain in the hospital for a longer time.”

“Our Birthplaces focus on the safe birthing experience for mothers and babies with initial skin-to-skin contact for bonding, education and care of the newborn, breastfeeding support, safe sleeping techniques and understanding shaken baby syndrome,” said Dan McBride, Chief Medical Officer for The Valley Health System (VHS).

Many parents will never see the behind-the-scenes work each Birthplace team undertakes to ensure a safe delivery. Centennial Hills, Henderson, Spring Valley and Summerlin hospitals all follow safety initiatives and operate a system-wide high reliability unit, which has multiple systems in place to achieve a safe mother-baby experience. This includes performing drills for various neonatal and maternal emergencies, such as what to do if a baby’s head or shoulder is stuck, a mother is bleeding or the baby experiences breathing difficulties.

Each Birthplace also has round-the-clock laborist coverage. A laborist provides obstetric coverage within the hospital, and delivers babies when the patient’s obstetrician isn’t available, responds to emergencies and assists with high-risk deliveries.

After delivery, each Birthplace encourages parents to participate in the “golden hour” to promote the baby’s growth and development. During the first hour immediately after birth, parents bond with their infant through skin-to-skin-contact. This golden hour of contact helps babies have greater success with breastfeeding and also helps regulate their blood sugar and body temperature.

Experience with high-risk births

Women experiencing pregnancy complications, such as premature labor or pregnancy-induced high-blood pressure along with another complication, may spend time in the antepartum unit, where specially trained nurses monitor both baby and mother. For high-risk deliveries, there may be multiple teams in the delivery room – one for the mother and another for the baby. Centennial Hills, Spring Valley and Summerlin hospitals have Level III neonatal intensive care units (NICUs), and Henderson Hospital opened a Level II NICU in 2018.

Preparing for a little one?

Our Birthplaces offer classes, courses and tours, including those focused on childbirth education, babies, breastfeeding, fitness and even online videos to watch at your convenience. Review classes, dates and times by hospital >