Turning His Health Around

May 29, 2018
Eric Chapin

"Don't be afraid." Eric Chapin shares his amazing turnaround with weight-loss surgery.

Darren W. Soong MD, FACS

Ten-plus years of unsuccessful dieting and exercise had Eric Chapin looking for a different weight-loss alternative. At age 44, his weight had reached 335 pounds, and it was starting to take a toll. “I couldn’t catch my breath, and my wife said I was snoring a lot,” he remembers. When his doctor told him he had prediabetes, that was his wake-up call.

He attended a bariatric seminar with Darren W. Soong, MD, FACS, to learn about the surgical options. It was a positive experience, he says, and made him realize that he didn’t need to keep beating himself up about his weight. He needed help.

On December 15, 2014, he had gastric sleeve surgery with Dr. Soong at the Center for Surgical Weight Loss at Desert Springs Hospital. This procedure reduces the size of the stomach, which decreases hunger and increases the feeling of fullness. “The hospital was awesome,” he says. “Within 24 hours I was out of there because of the type of care they provide.”

He says the procedure “works the way it’s supposed to,” and today, three years out, he’s down about 105 pounds and 48 ½ total inches. He’s committed to a healthy diet and exercise, and his focus has shifted from food to other things. “I never thought I’d be the guy who goes to the gym every day, and I enjoy it,” he says.

With the weight loss has come greater self-confidence. “I feel better about myself, more motivated, more ambitious,” he says. He and his wife have three daughters, and he wants to be active and healthy with them for the long haul. “There will be grandkids in the future,” he says. “I want to be around for that.”

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Insurance Coverage

Many insurance companies and Medicare cover the cost of weight-loss surgery. Check with your insurance provider and/or your physician about your coverage.

Individual results may vary. There are risks associated with any surgical procedure. Talk with your doctor about these risks to find out if bariatric surgery is right for you.