Access to Cerner, Fusion and Others

This page is for physicians with privileges at Valley Health System Hospitals. If you do not have a username and password, you must obtain them by submitting the Third Party Computer Access form, below, and the VHS Data Access Agreement. **In addition to the above, ALL PROVIDERS (physicians, mid-levels) must also submit a certificate of completion of the Fusion Inpatient Provider course. Step by Step:

  1. Download Third Party Computer Access Form (PDF)
  2. Download VHS Data Access Agreement (PDF)
  3. Fill out the forms (the tab key will get you from field to finish).
  4. Print out and sign the forms. If a provider, you must also: Go to Cerner Fusion Education Link (below). Select the Fusion Inpatient Provider course. Complete this course and print out the certificate of completion.
  5. Fax all forms (third party computer access form, VHS data access agreement form and, if a provider, the certificate of completion) to 702-853-8953.

Once all needed information is submitted and your account created, you will be sent our Cerner log-on.

Cerner External Links

Cerner External Link

CPOE Providers

For additional CPOE access, you must sign up for training with The Valley Health System University. Please call 702-369-7764 to schedule the training.

Training Instructions


System Set-Up Instructions

Physician Access Links

Physician Verification

If you have any questions or need additional information, please call the physician helpline at 702-369-7788.

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