Halloween Safety Tips from The Valley Health System

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Halloween is almost here, which means motorists, homeowners and trick or treaters need to check out safety tips to keep our community’s superheroes, princesses, zombies and other cute-costumed kiddos safe over the Halloween weekend.

Motorist Safety Tips

  • Avoid traveling through residential areas. If possible, try to avoid cutting through residential areas where trick-or-treaters are likely to be present
  • Obey all traffic signs and signals. Drive at least five miles slower than the posted speed limit sign
  • Watch for children walking on roadways, medians and curbs. In dark costumes, they'll be harder to see at night. Also, be aware that trick-or-treaters may not be paying attention to traffic and may cut between parked cars. Motorists should scan far ahead when driving in residential areas, watch for children and cautiously monitor their actions. Turn on your headlights to make yourself more visible - even in the daylight

Trick or Treating Safety Tips

  • No running out from between parked car or into the street
  • Walk in groups, on the sidewalk or paths
  • Cross at the corner
  • When crossing the street look left, right, and left again. If you see any cars, trucks or motorcycles coming, wait for the vehicle to stop or pass you
  • When crossing the street at the corner make eye contact with drivers
  • When crossing the street at the corner extend your arm up straight and give a big thank you wave so approaching drivers will see you (this really increases their visibility to the motorists)
  • Trick or treat when it’s lighter outside. Choose your route to include well-lit streets
  • Carry a flashlight so you can see and be seen easily
  • If there are no sidewalks, always walk facing traffic
  • Only eat factory-wrapped treats

Costume Tips

  • Make sure your child's costume fits, so he or she does not trip
  • Use makeup instead of masks
  • If something ties around the neck, make sure it breaks away easily in case the costume gets caught on something
  • Wear bright colored costumes
  •  Select costumes, masks, wigs, or beards made of flame retardant materials (check the labels)
  • Make sure swords, knives and other accessories are soft and flexible
  • Avoid flimsy, lightweight fabrics and costumes with billowing skirts or loose baggy sleeves
  • Use Retro-Reflective tape or stickers on your child's costumes
  • Have your children carry a Retro-Reflective candy bag/pumpkin or put Retro-Reflective stickers on their candy bag

Pet Safety Tips

  • Keep candy away from the pets
  • Keep your pets inside, away from noise and mischief
  • Keep pets away from the door – they may get anxious with all the doorbell ringing and costumed characters asking for candy. They might also escape out the door
  • Make sure your pet has an ID tag on its collar and/or is microchipped