Christine Mash Received Inpatient and Outpatient Therapy at Valley Health Specialty Hospital

Christine MashChristine Mash is a 58-year-old who presented to Valley Hospital on February 27, 2023, after noticing a right facial droop, slurred speech and weakness on her right side. It was discovered that she had a stroke. On March 3, she was transferred to Valley Health Specialty Hospital.

“My biggest issue upon arrival was my inability to move my right side,” said Christine. “I hardly had any movement of my right side, especially my right arm.”

She worked hard during every session of therapy. At the time of discharge, she felt that her biggest accomplishment was being able to walk without a cane and being able to use her right arm.

Christine was discharged home and continued her therapy at Valley Health Specialty Hospital’s outpatient clinic. She continues to make great progress. After a month in the outpatient clinic, she informed the staff that she was walking and hiking several miles a day.

When asked what she would like to tell other people about Valley Health Specialty Hospital, Christine stated, “The staff puts in 110% effort to help you get to your goal. They listen to you and if you put in the work they will get you there. I have recommended this hospital to everyone I know.”

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