Supporting Each Other, Saving Lives During COVID-19

Janine Jones, RN, IMC Director at Centennial Hills Hospital, and her daughter, Katie Liuzza, BSN, RN

Janine Jones, RN, IMC Director at Centennial Hills Hospital (right),
and her daughter, Katie Liuzza, BSN, RN (left). Photo was taken prior
to wearing masks becoming mandatory in Nevada.

July 6, 2020

Working at Centennial Hills Hospital, Janine Jones, RN, IMC Director, and her daughter, Katie Liuzza, BSN, RN, an ER nurse, both know that in this challenging time in healthcare, it is a privilege and honor to be working together, saving lives.

Jones says she couldn't be more proud to call Liuzza her daughter. "From alternating chest compressions during a code blue, to crying in each other's arms after a rough day, we are here for each other. I am truly amazed how Katie has grown into a competent and compassionate ER nurse working on the front lines and being there for her co-workers and our community," says Jones. "Do I worry about her working the front line during this COVID-19 pandemic? Of course I do, but not any more than I do regarding any of the unknowns that present through the ER doors. She is very aware of her surroundings and always takes precautions and acts with integrity during any situation, keeping herself, her peers and the patients safe."

Recognizing the Extraordinary

Liuzza was recently honored as the hospital's first DAISY Award winner. She was nominated after assisting a woman experiencing an emergency inside a restroom. She heard her screams and responded immediately. Liuzza stayed with the woman and consoled her until help came.

Who inspired her to be a nurse? Her own mother, she says. "Growing up, I witnessed the endless nights of studying, the exhaustion from long 12-hour shifts, the pride in helping people at their lowest points and the strength while dealing with tragedy. Without her amazing leadership, I would not be the woman or nurse that I am today," says Liuzza. "Knowing I have such big shoes to fill pushed me beyond all limits. I now have her by my side in and out of the hospital and I wouldn't ask for a better partner in crime. Everyone has a mom. Mine is my hero."