Jamil Aromin Regained the Ability to Dress, Walk and Hold Conversations

Jamil ArominJamil Aromin is a 44-year-old who was brought to Spring Valley Hospital on March 8, 2023, after being found unconscious for an unknown period of time. A CT scan revealed a large stroke. As a result, he could not move his right arm or leg and he also had cognitive impairment.

On Jamil’s first day at Valley Health Specialty Hospital he required total assistance to get himself dressed, bathed and toileted, and he could only walk five feet. Jamil was having difficulty with the coordination of his right arm and movement of his right leg. He was also having difficulty finding words to complete a sentence.

After two intensive weeks of physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy, Jamil was discharged home with his wife. At that time he was able to walk 500 feet with the use of a four-wheeled walker. He was able to go up and down 12 steps and get himself dressed, bathed and groomed independently. His speech improved and he was able to hold conversations without struggling to find the right words.

Jamil will continue to receive outpatient therapy at Valley Health Specialty Hospital. “I could not have gotten better without the help from all the staff,” said Jamil. “They pushed me beyond my limits and I was surprised at how well I recovered. This place will always be special to me as I thought my life was forever changed.”

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