Orthopedic and Rehab Care in One Location

August 23, 2021

Valley Health Specialty Hospital building

The first and only orthopedic surgery and inpatient rehabilitation facility in the Las Vegas area, Valley Health Specialty Hospital provides care for adults suffering with orthopedic pain, injuries and debilitating medical conditions. As an extension of Spring Valley Hospital, service providers at this new facility utilize the expertise and advanced treatments used at Spring Valley and other hospitals within the Valley Health System network.

The hospital’s services include specialty orthopedic surgery, including minimally invasive procedures whenever possible; inpatient rehab for people recovering from stroke and other conditions; and outpatient therapy, including physical, occupational and speech therapy.

Orthopedic Surgery

Orthopedic surgeons at Valley Health Specialty Hospital use advanced techniques and technology to diagnose and treat injuries and disorders related to bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles and nerves. The hospital’s orthopedic services include hip and knee replacement; fracture care; arthroscopic surgery of the shoulder, elbow, knee and ankle; hand surgery; and sports medicine.

The hospital employs a concept called Rapid Recovery to help patients recover from surgery and safely discharge home as quickly as possible. The goal is to have patients up and moving within a few hours of surgery and actively participating in group therapy the next day. Ideally, they are discharged home at the end of the day or early the second day after surgery.

Inpatient Acute Rehab

The 56-bed inpatient rehab unit at Valley Health Specialty Hospital offers specialized programs for those recovering from debilitating injuries or illnesses, such as stroke, neurological disorders, spinal cord injuries and more. The team also treats amputees, burn victims and those suffering major trauma and other disabling conditions.

The inpatient rehab team offers an extensive program that includes physical, occupational and speech therapy programs based on the individual needs of the patient. Specialized rehab services in neurological, spinal and orthopedic therapy are available.

An in-hospital rehab center offers patients several advantages over skilled nursing facilities or other post-acute rehab settings, including a seamless transition from the acute care to the therapy setting at the hospital.

Outpatient Physical Therapy

The Outpatient Center at Valley Health Specialty Hospital helps patients recover and move forward after suffering an injury at work or playing sports, or while they are recovering from major injury or illness.

A wide variety of resources are used to treat each patient as a whole person, in mind, body and spirit. Through holistic and compassionate outpatient care, Valley Health Specialty Hospital offer professional instruction and support from many specialties.

Valley Health Specialty Hospital is located in southwest Las Vegas, close to Spring Valley Hospital Medical Center.