Recognizing #healthcareheroes Who Are Rising to the Challenge

Charanpal Singh, MDJuly 8, 2020

While Charanpal Singh, MD, has long been a valued member of the medical staff at Summerlin Hospital Medical Center, the current health crisis is shining a spotlight on the inestimable impact of his expertise.

First, Dr. Singh is an intensivist, a physician who specializes in the care and treatment of patients in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). He is also a pulmonologist, who focuses on the health of the respiratory system. Both of these specialties have proven especially useful as the hospital responds to COVID-19, a virus that can leave its sickest patients at risk for pneumonia and severe respiratory complications.

In acknowledgement of Dr. Singh's efforts during these challenging times, a team member has highlighted his contributions as a true #healthcarehero:

"Dr. Singh has been at the frontline for our COVID-19 patients AND staff, always advocating for safety and best practice. He always puts his patients first. He has a good bedside manner in speaking to patients and their family regarding realistic and ethical goals of care and treatment options."

And it is not just his co-workers who value Dr. Singh's contributions. Patients have made comments, like the one below, about his impact:

"Dr. Singh saved my mother's life! Amazing doctor and team!"

As Summerlin Hospital rises to the challenge of this global healthcare emergency, we gratefully acknowledge outstanding medical professionals like Dr. Singh.

What Others Are Saying

In response to Dr. Singh being recognized as a true #healthcarehero, a chorus of colleagues shared their thoughts about this valued team member:

"His patients and their families love Dr. Singh, as he takes time with them to understand their needs and help them with whatever difficult time they might be going through. He continues to be the strength of the critical care department as he is always calm under stressful situations."

"Over the last two years, I have to say it has been a true honor working side by side with Dr. Singh. During this critical time fighting COVID-19, I applaud him for the true dedication he has for his patients and for our ICU. Dr. Singh deserves, more than anything in the world, to be recognized for his outstanding work. I cannot thank him enough for all that he has done and continues to do for our team."

"Dr. Singh is the type of doctor that you want by your side when the going gets tough. During these unprecedented times he has become a champion for the nursing staff, patients, and families. He truly is dedicated to helping each and every one of his patients, as seen through the many long and hard hours he puts in daily. Our nurses, patients and families are all lucky to be able to call him our Intensivist here at Summerlin Hospital."

"When I was a kid you were made to believe a hero wore a cape and fought villains. We watched the movies and read the books, and rooted for the good guy. As a teenager our heroes became movie and rock stars. You dreamed of becoming rich, beautiful and famous just like them. As an adult I have no doubt who the true heroes really are. They are the doctors and nurses who risk their own lives, families and emotional health for others. It only took a few short months for our world to change due to COVID-19. While the world hides in isolation, our ICU Intensivist comes to work every day to save the lives of complete strangers. Today my doctors wear the capes and fight the invisible villains and should be recognized as the true and real heroes."

"I work inside a closed COVID-19 unit. I would describe Dr. Singh as a quiet, humble and brilliant man. He has taken on this battle without hesitation and led our team through the most trying time of our careers."

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