Freestanding ER Opens in North Las Vegas

January 18, 2022

ER at Vista Valley, Valley Health Systems, Las Vegas, NevadaThe ER at Valley Vista, an extension of Centennial Hills Hospital, opened for patient care at 7 a.m. on Monday, January 17. The freestanding emergency department, located on the northwest corner of North Decatur Boulevard and Elkhorn Road in North Las Vegas (across from the DMV), provides 24-hour emergency care every day of the year.

It is staffed with the same medical personnel, including emergency medicine physicians, and equipped with the same diagnostic technology available in Centennial Hills Hospital’s emergency department, including an on-site laboratory, CT scanner and imaging equipment. The new ER at Valley Vista features six treatment rooms, three rapid medical exam rooms and an on-site decontamination room with showers.

“We are excited to extend our emergency services to the residents of North Las Vegas and surrounding neighborhoods,” said Sajit Pullarkat, CEO of Centennial Hills Hospital. “We can diagnose and treat the same types of emergencies and illnesses that are seen in our hospital-based ER, with the same goal of seeing and treating patients as quickly as possible.

“Because this time of year is historically busy in hospitals and emergency departments, our new ER at Valley Vista offers patients another choice for safe, high-quality emergency care,” said Pullarkat.

ER at Valley Vista is the fourth freestanding emergency department in The Valley Health System. The others are ER at Green Valley Ranch, ER at Blue Diamond and Elite Medical Center.