The Quality Care You Know … Closer to Home

A new freestanding emergency department is planned to open in late 2021 to provide even greater access to quality emergency care for residents of North Las Vegas. The ER at Valley Vista will be located on the northeast corner of Decatur Boulevard and Elkhorn Road. It will be an extension of Centennial Hills Hospital’s existing emergency department and will provide comprehensive, skilled, 24/7 emergency services.

Dr. Cercone standing at the site in North Las Vegas where the new freestanding ER will be located.
Dr. Cercone at the site in North Las Vegas where the new freestanding ER will be located.

Highly Trained Doctors and Staff

 “We will have residency-trained, board-certified emergency physicians – the highest quality that you can find in the country,” says Emergency Medicine physician David J. Cercone, DO, FACEP. Dr. Cercone will be the Medical Director of the new ER at Valley Vista and is also Medical Director of the Centennial Hills Hospital emergency department.

“The community is growing. We want to bring great emergency care right to their neighborhood,” Dr. Cercone says. “We will have a full-service lab, CT scan, X-rays and ultrasound available. Staffing will be provided by skilled emergency nurses, techs and laboratory and X-ray technicians. You will be treated the same as if you went to the hospital emergency department, only you won’t have to travel as far.”

In the event that hospital admission is needed, a quick and easy transfer can be arranged to Centennial Hills Hospital Medical Center, or transportation can be arranged to a hospital of your choice.

A Whole Network of Support

“We have an extensive network of referring physicians, and by being practicing physicians in emergency departments across the valley we’ve established a relationship with these physicians,” says Dr. Cercone. This can help to enable a “seamless transfer of care” if any follow-up treatment is needed. 

This will be the third Valley Health System freestanding emergency department. The other two include ER at Green Valley Ranch, an extension of Henderson Hospital, and ER at Blue Diamond, an extension of Spring Valley Hospital.

“I think the community is going to be very, very satisfied with the care that we bring – the quality of care and the kindness of care,” says Dr. Cercone. “I’m excited to be the medical director and be a part of the new ER at Valley Vista.”