Inpatient Rehabilitation Helps Leslie Ruggiero Recover After a Bad Fall

Leslie RuggieroLeslie Ruggiero is a 47-year-old who was admitted to Centennial Hills Hospital on March 31, 2023, after she fell down a flight of stairs, resulting in an injury to her left leg. She required surgery to repair her leg and was placed on a toe-touch weight-bearing restriction. On April 5, Leslie was transferred to Valley Health Specialty Hospital, an extension of Spring Valley Hospital, for rehabilitation services.

Leslie’s biggest issue upon arrival at Valley Health Specialty Hospital was overall weakness and pain in her leg, and her inability to move. As she started her course of treatment, she was able to increase her strength and move better. At the time of her discharge, Leslie was able to walk more than 100 feet.

After almost two weeks of treatment, Leslie was discharged back home. “Every employee at the Valley Health Specialty Hospital wants you to succeed,” said Leslie. “It was nice to feel how passionate everyone was about my care. The entire team was so happy and had a positive outlook, which helped me focus on getting better.”

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