Intense Therapy at Valley Health Specialty Hospital Got Sherry Donnell Back on the Court

Sherry Donnell exercising on the alter G machineSherry Donnell is a 67-year-old who was playing pickleball when she had sudden right-sided weakness. Her husband called 9-1-1 and she went to Spring Valley Hospital. They discovered she was having a stroke. As a result, she had right-sided weakness and difficulty with her speech. She was referred to Valley Health Specialty Hospital (VHSH), an extension of Spring Valley Hospital.

“My biggest issue upon arrival was my inability to move my right side and say what I wanted,” said Sherry. After many weeks of intense therapy, Sherry was discharged home. At time of discharge, she felt that her biggest accomplishment was having the ability to once again walk, use her right side and talk.

Sherry continued her therapy at the VHSH outpatient clinic, where she worked hard for many months. As a result, she was recently discharged for outpatient services. She stated that she has been on the pickleball court a few times with assistance from her husband but plans to start playing more often in the near future.

“Everyone was amazing from the beginning to the end,” Sherry said.

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