Updates to Your Membership

June 07, 2019
Updates to Senior Advantage Membership

"Being in my 50s, with life experience and a bit of wisdom, I focus on what’s important to me — a good work-life balance, spending time with great friends and family, and maintaining my health. The Senior Advantage program offers a nice mix of social, educational and health-related activities that interest me." — Steve McMillan, New Senior Advantage Member

You will notice that the Senior Advantage events calendar looks a little different, since we’ve made a few changes in an effort to keep the program fresh and innovative. The hospital-specific educational seminars are now quarterly, while the special summer events will continue with creative indoor activities for your enjoyment. Added to the program are the New Member Mixers. If you joined the program during 2019, watch your mailbox for your personal invitation to our very first mixer, designed to introduce you to the hospitals of The Valley Health System and all the great benefits of the Senior Advantage program.

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