From Doctor to Patient

September 30, 2019
From Doctor to Patient

Choosing to have surgery is a big decision, even for a board-certified surgeon. When Leslie Browder, MD, FACS, FASCRS, learned she needed a hysterectomy because of fibroid tumors, she found herself in the same situation as many of her patients — busy with her work and her life, and wanting to find the best possible option for a swift recovery.

The Benefits of Robotics

As a colorectal surgeon, Dr. Browder was one of the first physicians in the Las Vegas community to begin using robotic surgery to treat colon conditions years ago, so she was already familiar with the benefits it can offer, such as less blood loss, less pain, less chance of infection and faster healing. “It takes a little more time for me in the operating room, but it’s less time for my patients in the hospital, less time healing, a greater chance for them to go back to their jobs, or if they need chemotherapy, to get back to it,” she says.

With this approach, the surgeon sits at a console next to the patient and controls tiny instruments that are inserted into the body through small incisions. “The robot can move better than my wrist does,” says Dr. Browder. Also, miniature cameras capture highly detailed images not visible by the human eye. “It adds a lot,” Dr. Browder says.

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Decision Made

After talking with her surgeon, Dr. Browder chose to have a minimally invasive procedure with the Valley Hospital team she knows well, in the robotic program that she helped to start. She recalls being home from surgery the next day and back to work in nine days. She took no narcotics after she left the recovery room and never needed pain pills.

For her, as for many of her patients, robotic-assisted surgery provided the treatment she was looking for. She notes that the program at Valley Hospital continues to grow and now includes multiple specialties. “I am a testimony to it,” she says. “I’m lucky enough to have been able to start this program and continue to work there.”

"Thanks to the great care I received at Valley Hospital, I was back to living my best life days after my robotic surgery.” — Dr. Leslie Browder​​

While traditional open procedures may be recommended in certain cases, minimally invasive robotic surgery is now being offered for a wide variety of conditions, from colorectal, prostate, gynecologic and kidney surgery to gallbladder surgery, hernia repairs, spine and weight-loss surgery. Robotic treatment with the da Vinci® Surgical System is performed at all six hospitals in The Valley Health System.

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Individual results may vary. There are risks associated with any surgical procedure. Talk with your doctor about these risks to find out if robotic surgery is right for you.