I'm Living Proof ... Rachel Moenoa

September 08, 2017
Rachel Moena

… that advanced heart care at Spring Valley Hospital helps save patients and families.
Rachel Moenoa

Rachel Moenoa, 33, had her first heart valve replacement when she was just 9 years old. She had a second surgery in her teens and went on to live an active life until last year, when she began to experience shortness of breath, fatigue and other symptoms. Concerned that her condition was getting worse, she went to the emergency room at Spring Valley Hospital for help.

“Rachel was in heart failure when she came to the hospital,” says Cardiovascular Surgeon, Nauman Jahangir, MD. He explains that the two heart valves she had replaced in her youth were no longer performing adequately, and a third valve was also severely malfunctioning. “Basically, we had to reconstruct her heart altogether,” he says. Moenoa spent about a month at the hospital recovering, and then continued her recovery at home with physical therapy.

Not long after her heart was repaired, Moenoa and her husband, Uriah, found out they were expecting a little girl, Princess Raeah, who was born in May 2017. The couple’s three boys are already looking out for their little sister, and Moenoa is feeling great now that her heart is working properly again. “I’m thankful for Spring Valley Hospital, the staff, the nurses and the doctors that were all there to help me through surgery and recovery,” she says.

Spring Valley Hospital has specially trained physicians and nursing staff to treat a broad range of emergency and non-emergency heart conditions. It is the first hospital in The Valley Health System to open a hybrid cardiac operating suite, an advanced room that allows doctors to do operating and imaging all in one space.

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