Henderson Hospital prepares for its one-year anniversary

August 29, 2017
Henderson Hospital prepares for its one-year anniversary

“Our goal was to provide a healing, caring experience like no other,” says Henderson Hospital CEO Sam Kaufman. “We’re very proud of the progress we’ve made and the reception we’ve had in the community.”

The hospital was designed to provide a safe, quiet healing environment where patients can experience the best outcomes with support from a skilled, caring staff.

“Our team has delivered over 340 babies since we opened,” says Kaufman. “We also have obstetricians on staff who are available around the clock to deliver any babies, or assist a colleague with a more complex case.”

From heart attacks and strokes to dehydration and broken bones, the emergency department is busy but running smoothly, with about 3,000 patient visits each month. “Visits are higher in the winter months because of respiratory illnesses and flu,” says Kaufman.

“We’re excited to continue building on our services, like an ambulatory surgery center and outpatient wound center in our adjacent medical office building,” says Kaufman. “Ultimately, it’s about caring for patients and letting them know that they are our number one priority.”

Quality care in action

Jeron Bodin Headshot

When now-college student Jeron Bodin developed a severe case of dehydration during a high school basketball game earlier this year, he found prompt care in the emergency department at Henderson Hospital. After treating his immediate condition, the ER doctor sensed that something else serious was happening. Testing revealed an uncommon type of appendicitis that flares up and goes away, and can be life-threatening if the appendix bursts.

Jeron had his appendix removed the next day and was back on the basketball court the following week. His parents thank God and the proactive ER care for helping their son avoid a potentially devastating emergency. “We feel like it was the doctor’s expertise and strength that really saved his life,” says his dad, Jon Bodin.

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