Our Patients are Living Proof

Learn why hospitals in the Valley Health System are the choice for high quality healthcare in Las Vegas and Southern Nevada. Get to know some of our patients and their compelling stories, below. They are "Living Proof" of the care received at VHS hospitals.


Rodney Myrick — treated at Henderson Hospital

Rodney Myrick was able to survive a heart attack with the help of the medical staff at Henderson Hospital.


Sheldon Mack — treated at Desert Springs Hospital

Sheldon Mack was shot twice while helping other victims at the 2017 Route 91 Harvest Festival. Desert Springs Hospital saved his life.


Rylie Golgart — treated at Valley Hospital

Rylie Golgart was at the 2017 Route 91 Harvest Festival and had a bullet lodge near her spine. Valley Hospital saved her life.

Jeron Bodin Headshot

Jeron Bodin — treated at Henderson Hospital

When Jeron Bodin developed a severe case of dehydration, he found prompt care in the ER at Henderson Hospital.

Bill Wilson

Bill Wilson — treated at Desert Springs Hospital Medical Center

Bill Wilson came to Desert Springs for cardiac rehabilitation after having surgery for a blocked artery.

Christina Pangelinan

Christina Pangelinan — treated at Centennial Hills Hospital Medical Center

Being a mom was important to Christina Pangelinan and she wanted only the best for herself and her son.

Bob Cannata

Bob Cannata — treated at Summerlin Hospital Medical Center

With a healthy active lifestyle, Bob Cannata never thought he would need triple bypass surgery at age 54.

Sharon Martin Headshot

Sharon Martin — treated at Spring Valley Hospital Medical Center

“I owe my life to three things,” says Sharon. “Faith in God … the support of my family … and the fabulous care I received at Spring Valley Hospital.”

Shaunda Clark Headshot

Shaunda Clark — treated at Desert Springs Hospital Medical Center

"Desert Springs Hospital is second to none! The doctors and nurses never gave up on me – and plenty of people would have.”

Karen McKay Smiling

Karen McKay — treated at Valley Hospital Medical Center

Karen McKay was diagnosed with a complex vascular disorder at Valley Hospital. "Valley Hospital saved my life. I’d go back in a heartbeat if I had to.”

Jaycee Whipple Blowing Bubbles

Jaycee Whipple — treated at Summerlin Hospital Medical Center

Jaycee Whipple loves to play outside, ride her bike and go to school. She wouldn’t let cancer stop her and neither did the pediatric oncology team at Summerlin Hospital.

Chris Sellman with his dog

Chris Sellman — treated at Summerlin Hospital Medical Center

Chris Sellman was unable to talk or move after his stroke. "You can recover from a debilitating stroke with the help of Summerlin Hospital’s Rehabilitation Program."

A Healthy and Happy Baby Alex

Baby Alex — treated at Summerlin Hospital Medical Center

Baby Alex spent five months in the NICU. He's now 11 pounds. "We have the entire staff at Summerlin Hospital and Universal Health Services to thank.”