Help Your Employees Stay Healthy

Employees sitting around a table.

Since we started our Employer Advantage program, The Valley Health System has helped many businesses in Las Vegas provide their employees with healthy living benefits at no cost. Our motivational program is designed to inspire employees to improve their health through a variety of benefits. Employers get healthier workers with more energy and fewer days off the job. Employees learn how to feel good by being healthy, and they value their employer's interest in them. That helps strengthen a bond of loyalty and encourages long-term employment.

What We Offer

Individual programs are designed for the workplace and can include:

  • Health and wellness seminars on a wide range of topics – free to employers
  • Valley Health System participation in employer-sponsored health fairs
  • Health screenings such as blood pressure, stroke assessments, nutrition, diabetes and BMI (Body Mass Index)
  • Speakers' Bureau

To learn more, contact our Community Relations Coordinator at 702-853-3276.