Obtaining Medical Records

Obtaining Medical RecordsAll protected health information (PHI) requests must be received in writing at the Health Information Department at the hospital where the patient received care. Please use the Authorization for Release of PHI to expedite requests for medical records (at right). Please forward all medical record requests and a legible copy of your photo identification to the hospital. You may also fax this information.

Please note: Medical Records printed or photocopied for reasons other than continuity of care are subject to a copy fee (NRS 629.061). These include but are not limited to legal requests, investigative agencies, insurance companies, and patient personal use requests. If you have any questions, please contact the HIM Department of hospital where patient care was received.

In accordance with NRS 629.061.1, the following is The Valley Health System policy for requesting copies of medical records for a deceased patient:

A hand written will is valid in Nevada if there is a sole beneficiary and it is signed and dated by the decedent. No witness or notary signature/stamp is required. It is assumed (and accepted) that the sole beneficiary is Executor. A non-interested third party must sign an affidavit stating that the signature of the decedent is authentic.

This must state that the decedent was in sound mind, over 18 and not under duress at the time of the will's creating. It must be witnessed by two other people and notarized to be "self-proving" (i.e. valid).

A special letter of administration can be issued by Probate specifically to authorize an individual to obtain the medical record of the decedent provided that there are no assets in the estate. This process has no cost and takes two days.

If there is no valid will, the petitioner must request a hearing with Probate to be named Executor. It generally takes 2-3 weeks from the time of the application to the actual hearing. You must contact the office of the Probate Court for additional information.

District Court Probate Office
601 N. Pecos Road, 3rd Floor
Las Vegas, NV 89101

Saundra Cruz
Probate Specialist

Jan Bertram
Probate Specialist

Phone: 702-455-2650
Fax: 702-455-5989

Notice to Patients Regarding the Destruction of Health Care Records:

Pursuant to Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS) 629.051:

  1. The health care record of a person who is less than 23 years of age may not be destroyed.
  2. The health care record of a person must be maintained for 5 years, after it has been received or created, unless federal law requires that it be retained for a longer period of time.
  3. The health care record of a person who has reached the age of 23 years may be destroyed after 5 years from the date the record was received or created, unless federal law requires that it be retained for a longer period of time.
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Authorization form to release personal health information (PHI)

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Birth Certificate

Certified copies of Birth Certificates for babies born in Clark County, Nevada may be purchased from any Southern Nevada Health District location. For more information, you may contact the main Office of Vital Statistics, Charleston Campus, at 702-759-1010.

For babies born at one of the five Valley Hospital Medical System hospitals, we request a Social Security card when parents complete the birth certification worksheet. The worksheet is available when you register to be admitted to labor and delivery. Upon submittal of the birth certificate to the Office of Vital Statistics, the Social Security Administration is notified of the parent (s) request to issue a social security card. The social security card is mailed to the address listed on the birth certificate within approximately 17 weeks from the date the birth certificate is provided to the Office of Vital Statistics.

Please note: In the event your address changes, the Social Security Administration will not forward social security cards to your new address. You will need to reapply with the Department of Social Security to receive the baby's social security card.

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